Monday, 24 October 2011

GW and Alchemy

Games Workshop have given up trying to screw you over the increasing costs of metal, or is it plastic, or maybe it’s now Resin – and have now decided to get rich through Alchemy and to this end have invented Green!
Black Adder aside, they really have brought out liquid green and its worth its weight in Gold. Not very often I am happy with the GW boys but today I am...
My first application of this liquid treasure was to make my Perry Zouaves even better. No more gaps and seams where arms are glued to the body etc.

Apply a dollop of green, add water and simply paint/blend the green across the seam.

ACW Union army progress so far this week

Progress this week has been reasonably good but not on the Zouave front.

Here is my first batch of 12 Zouaves. They are painted and varnished but require basing. I ordered the Renedra (40x45) bases from the Perry Miniatures website as there were not enough of them in the Zouave box set.

I have really enjoyed painting these plastic models and it was almost a disappointment when I finally started to paint the metal Sharpshooter figures by Redoubt. Up until now I liked the Redoubt miniatures and thought them characterful – now I find them heavy and buff.

Not very Zouave looking but they got painted all the same. A nice regiment of horses ready for some damn yankee riders. The first regiment I painted was a very mixed affair but this batch of horses is all brown. Am I lazy or was I inspired to be lazy by an article on British Calvary posted on Dave Taylors blog ;-?

The Horses were painted in scorched earth then given a heavy wash of Devlin mud. I highlighted the Brown with a mixture of Scorched Earth and Dark Flesh. I would normaly do the bridles and webbing in black or dark brown, but Dave Taylors article steered me in another direction.

Some soon to be riders...

Monday, 3 October 2011

Berdans Sharpshooters and far too much to paint

Still have far too much to paint and as much as I love the Zouaves my sanity demands I work on other things.

My Project list is looking nice with the following still to do:

  • Union cannons
  • Regiment of Berdans Sharpshooters
  • Dismounted Calvary
  • Mounted Calvary
  • Union camp and tents
  • Ambulance

I’m currently working on the Zouaves but plan to complete one base of Berdans Sharpshooters whilst working on blocks of 12 Zouaves.

I will depict the Berdans Sharpshooters in the early war uniforms with the Sky Blue trousers.

As with the Zouaves I will:
  • Paint all the base colours
  • Apply a heavy wash of Devlin mud
  • Shade each area of the model
Example of Model with base colours applied
 After Devlin mud wash is applied

I have found that in some cases a single shade in the original colour is enough. In all other cases I will add white to the mix and continue to shade down.

Berdan Sharpshooters with base colours applied

My brush style has changed over the years and I now apply most fine highlights using a tapping method. Instead of drawing the brush along in a classic stroke I tap the brush on the model and work my way along.

The Sharpshooters are already based but this is not a painful experience as they are skirmishers with only 2 models per base. As you can see from the above pictures I apply sand to the bases.