Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Force Update

It's been a long while since my last post but I have been busy of a sort.

With Battle Cry fast approaching I have been forced to reorganise my original force lists as there is no way I can complete everything as planned but things are still looking good.

I will focus on finishing the scenery in February and use this as a back drop for Brigade level photo shoots. It will be nice to cover each brigade in detail and finally post some new pics on the blog.

On the 5th Feb I also plan to have a dry run of the game at the Auckland Wargames Club, so feel free to pop along and join in.

New Force lists

Mr. Lincoln's minions of hypocrisy - Union Army.

Iron Brigade 1st Corps

7th Regiment Wisconsin

6th Regiment Wisconsin

Field Artillery Battery Support

Zouave Brigade

146th New York Volunteer Infantry (Garrard's Tigers)

155th Pennsylvannia Volunteer Infantry (Pearsons Zaouves) [still to be completed]

Field Ambulance

2nd Brigade 1st Corps

76th New York

Berdan's Sharpshooters

Field Artillery Battery Support

Michigan/Wolverines Brigade

1st Regiment Michigan Volunteer Cavalry

5th Regiment Michigan Volunteer Cavalry

First Brigade, Horse Artillery - 9th Michigan Battery

First Brigade, Horse Artillery - 6th New York Light Artillery

The Southern Conscripts - Confederate Army

Texas brigade

5th Texas

4th Texas [still to be completed]

Bedford (Virginia) Field Artillery

Hays Louisiana Tigers Brigade

Wheat's Tigers

1st Louisiana

Field Artillery Battery Support

Field Artillery Battery Support

Hampton’s Brigade

1st South Carolina Calvary

2nd South Carolina Calvary [still to be completed]

Hart's (South Carolina) Horse Artillery

Stuart's Horse
Artillery (on loan)

Monday, 24 October 2011

GW and Alchemy

Games Workshop have given up trying to screw you over the increasing costs of metal, or is it plastic, or maybe it’s now Resin – and have now decided to get rich through Alchemy and to this end have invented Green!
Black Adder aside, they really have brought out liquid green and its worth its weight in Gold. Not very often I am happy with the GW boys but today I am...
My first application of this liquid treasure was to make my Perry Zouaves even better. No more gaps and seams where arms are glued to the body etc.

Apply a dollop of green, add water and simply paint/blend the green across the seam.