Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Painting Perry Miniature Zouaves - updated again!

OK, I haven't made a good start - far to keen to get 3 examples ready.

I intended to paint these figures on the spru then assemble them, but quickly decided this was a stupid idea. Next I thought I would assemble and paint 3 figures to a high standard - so how the hell did I end up with 3 complete bases! I wasn't drinking so I guess the glue was stronger than my tolerance - the joys of getting old.
These will be awkward to paint but I must "endeavour to persevere".

Once I have this insanity out of the way I plan to continue this exercise by making 12 figures at a time. I will glue them to a ruler, paint and then base them.

UPDATE 8/9/11
Here are a few progress pics. I am focused on getting the 155th Penn stand finished . All the base colours are complete and I have shaded the jacket and trousers. 

To get the Blue I mixed Shadow Grey and Electric Blue together and created a separate pot of the new colour (Zouave Blue). I washed the painted models heavily in Devlin mud to darken before I started to highlight the blue. Highlighting was achieved by adding more and more white to my Zouave Blue colour.
I assume you are all comfortable with the concept of Highlighting ;-?

Instead of using Devlin Mud to darken figures you can add a little black to the base colour and highlight up from there. Devlin Mud is probably a little lazy of me.

I work pretty heavily with Devlin Mud wash,  I find a watered down wash of mud is very good for grounding shading, especially after you review it in the morning and find the shading doesn't flow as it should. I hate looking at models in bright day light as they always disappoint. I plan on getting a couple of lamps with natural light bulbs to help address this failing.

The metal work on the models was achieved with the following formula.:
  • Paint metal areas in Charadon Granite
  • Use a common Pencil and lightly draw on the raised areas of the metal
  • Apply a liberal coat of Develin Mud

Not entirely satisfied with the effect (bit dull) so I might re-do with a Charadon Granite and Boltgun Metal mix.

Here are the other 2 stands (140th NY & 146th NY).

UPDATE 12/9/11
Bar the basing these boys are done. Reasonably happy with the results but conscious that I have to find a speedier technique - that's probably why I'm so Devlin Mud happy.

And thanks to my Son I now have 12 more figures waiting to be painted.  I must confess that painting progress was slightly interrupted by Xbox-360 and Space Marine.

Zouave Rack of Ribs to go.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Black Powder test game

Here are some pics from a test outing. The victorious Rebs belong to Roundie as does most of the wonderful scenery. The Battle lasted for 3 hours and consisted of two battalions on each side. The Rebs attacked out of the woods with the aim of silencing 2 batteries on the hill.

Excuse the Jelly beans - I used them for wound markers (they proved very popular). These poor Rebs are about to get dusted by a huge regiment of New Yorkers. Still, it wasn't long before they where off the table and I was munching on Deli beans.

 The below Rebs thought they would spend the game resting on a fence. A command blunder soon put a stop to that nonsense. Before you could rip a rebel yell they where off and beating the shite out the New Yorkers pictured above.

 Here we have a whole Brigade of Rebs turning up to win the game - notice the very well handled Calvary at the back.

The Cavalry regiment below was creamed shortly after this pic was taken. Their heroic charge attracted lots of unwanted attention. Guess you have to try these things - ironic that is was well handled Reb Cav that claimed victory for the Confederacy.

All in all a very enjoyable, fast paced and BRUTAL affair. Next time, more toys on a bigger table. Lucky that 3 boxes of Perry Zouaves arrived on Friday ;-?