Thursday, 21 July 2011

About the Black Powder Game

The game will be held at Battle Cry 2012 and will start at 12 noon on Saturday the 18th of February.

At this stage I have no set scenario in mind but I have a handle on the forces to be employed. Both the Confederates and Blue Bellies will have 3 brigades each, meaning I have the scope to allow 6 people to participate in the game. If you are interested please post a comment and we can take it from there.
Mr. Lincoln's minions of hypocrisy - Union Army.
Iron Brigade 1st Corps
7th Regiment Wisconsin
6th Regiment Wisconsin
19th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Berdan's Sharpshooters

Zouave Brigade
146th New York Volunteer Infantry (Garrard's Tigers)
155th Pennsylvannia Volunteer Infantry (Pearsons Zaouves)
140th New York Volunteer Infantry (Ryan's Zaouves)

2nd Brigade 1st Corps
7th Indiana
76th New York
1st Regiment Michigan Volunteer Cavalry (on loan from Michigan/Wolverines Brigade)
5th Regiment Michigan Volunteer Cavalry (on loan from Michigan/Wolverines Brigade)
Maine Second Light Horse Battery

The Southern Conscripts - Confederate Army
Texas brigade
5th Texas
4th Texas
1st Texas
Bedford (Virginia) Field Artillery

Hays Louisiana Tigers Brigade
Wheat's Tigers
1st Louisiana
1st South Carolina Calvary (on loan from Hamptons Brigade)
Hart's (South Carolina) Horse Battery

Kershaw’s Brigade
2nd South Carolina
3rd South Carolina
1st North Carolina Field Artillery 
1st North Carolina Cavalry (on loan from Hamptons Brigade)

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Re-basing Confederate Brigade Commands part 1

Well I have made a start on the project by re-basing my command stands. The original basing was very heavy and dark green. I wanted my final collection to have lighter bases that have a dry summer feel. With one set on scenery tiles to my name I have to ensure it fits with all my collections. I'm afraid the Flames of War collection swayed my decision to base in a dry summer theme.

I had meant to take before and after shoots, but I didn't get round to it - one of those regrets I have more often than not. The re-basing wasn't as painful as I excepted and the addition of flowers doesn't seem to have diminished my manhood - still being told to take cold showers by the other half!

Very pleased with the results so far. The grass is a mixture of healthy and dry flock. This was mixed together then sprinkled on several times using a strainer. After each application I turn the model upside down and repeatedly tap the bottom of the model. This removes the lose flock and helps the remaining flock to stand up.

On the left hand model I also added grass clumps. Once again I used to different colours of grass clumps. I figure the more depth you add the better. I originally bought a number of grass clump packs from Warlord games but have since found a good supply of them locally.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Project Black Powder - The beginning

Introduction to Project Black Powder

This blog is all about toy soldiers, an event(Battle Cry 2012) where lots of people play with toy soldiers and a set of rules (Black Powder) that allows you to play against other peoples toy soldiers.

Project Black Powder has 3 prime goals.

1. To give me the motivation and gumption to finally paint my collection of toy soldiers
2. To give me the excuse I need to collect and put together the terrain and scenery required to make any game of toy soldiers look authentic and perty.
3. To put it all on display and allow any one who attends Battle Cry the chance to play with toys using the simple and enjoyable Black Powder ruleset.

The Black Powder participation game will be themed on the American Civil War and run on the 18th February 2012 at the Auckland ASB centre.

That's enough text dribble, some nice picks next.